Friday, June 19, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm...

Well, Adam and I are taking a much deserved break this weekend. After a week of little, silly campers, super hot gyms, research papers, and day to day craziness, I think we have definitely earned a relaxed weekend.

Right now, Adam is actually playing a college football game on PS3 and I am watching him and his buddy focus so intently on playing the video game. Haha. This weekend will be fairly relaxed for the two of us. Adam plans to work on his research paper(s) and I need to plan for next week's Silly Sports Camp and volleyball "open gym" practice. Monday through Friday of next week, I will have about 20, 9-11 year old "Silly Sports" campers. Also, because of the heat index during our afternoon volleyball practice time, next week we will practice in the early hours (like, 5:45am.). That is early! But, I love being in the gym with the girls, so I'll take any time I can get.

(By the way, Adam just scored!! Whoo-hoo! So, He's finally on the board, although losing 28-7. Not bad for his first time, in a long time, playing the video game.)

Back to our upcoming week...Dad and Nonee are planning to visit, too. I'm looking forward to sharing our new home (Starkville & MSU, not a new house). Then, next Saturday, I will be doing my second triathlon! This one is still considered a "sprint" triathlon, as the distances are significantly shorter than traditional/olympic level competitions. The "Race of Grace" is 400m swimming, 18 mile bike, and 5K run. I am definitely looking forward to the challenge.

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